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  • I agree that there is no "correct" behavior in this case, because vi was designed for use without a mouse or shift-arrow combinations. I experimented with both options when writing the emulator and in the end settled for it behaving like a windows editor when using mouse or windows-style shift+arrow combinations (which is also how the vi plug-in for Visual Studio Code works). I think it makes sense because the biggest use-case for the mouse and shift+arrows is not those already intimate with vi, who would instead type something like /bob, but users transitioning to vi, whose would use the mouse and shift+arrow combinations (followed by overwriting with new text) out of muscle memory. Being in that category myself, I found the other behavior so annoying that I would never attempt to transition.

    Bear in mind that visual mode works as in vim, so if you type vwy, that will yank a work.
  • Which Visual Studio vi plug-in are you using? I'm using VsVim (

    As for what folks intimate with vi would do, I think the jury is out. I've been using vi since transitioning from ed in the late '70s. On a dumb terminal (emulator since no actual dumb terminals exist anymore) connected to a unix system, yes I'd type /bob. In VS, I use ReSharper's ^T navigation a lot but just as often, if I see a bit of code I want to edit I'll navigate with the mouse.

    I'll keep a more careful eye on the differences between gvim, VsVim and the LINQPad emulation. Playing some more it appears a single click navigation is the same so maybe some of my issue is caused by double clicking to select vs simple navigation.

  • Another search issue: there is no support for escaping characters or beginning of line. I see there is a search support for end of line:

    void Main()

    static void Bork()
    Console.WriteLine("Bork bork");
    // Define other methods and classes here

    My specific searches are (no quotes):
    "/\/\/" - find the "//" comment
    "/^static" - find the "static" at the beginning of the line
    "/e$" - finds "here"
    "/;$" - does not find ; at EOL
    "/\;$" - finds ; at EOL (so escaping works for some characters, though I can't remember ever escaping ";").
    "/\e" - doesn't find "e"


  • Thanks Vic, will fix for next build.
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