LINQPad 5 has recently stopped allowing me to click on nav properties to see sub records.

In the last week or so LINQPad 5 has stopped using lazy loading to allow me browse related records. This is happening with previously working connections.
It displays the navigation link but when I click on it it simply brings up a blank results window.

I have restarted numerous times and have reconnected to some previously working DLLs.

What happened? Is there a setting someplace that I can change to make it work?




  • It seems that previously the queries were using lazy loading but no longer do lazy loading. Even though no changes were made to the original code.
  • Can you provide an example of a query that I can run which reproduces the problem?
  • Pretty simple, using C# Expressions.

    That's what makes this so odd is that these are queries I use all the time in LP5.
    Thanks for you help.
  • These samples from LinqPad also produce a blank screen when I click on the hyperlink: (These are copied directly from the samples)

    // You can dump Lazy objects and they'll materialize when you click the hyperlink:
    new Lazy (() => 123).Dump();

    // Util.OnDemand does the same thing, except it lets you specify the text to display in the hyperlink:
    Util.OnDemand ("Click me", () => 123).Dump();

    // Util.OnDemand is useful for objects that are expensive to evaluate (or side-effecting). OnDemand is
    // also exposed as an extension method on IEnumerable:
    "the quick brown fox".Split().OnDemand().Dump();
  • Fixed. It was the security settings for my internet connection of my browser. I had upped the level of security for intranet and trusted sites. This caused the hyperlinks in LP to not function correctly.
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