search current editor contents across tabs? (like Notepad++ find-in-all-opened-docs)

In a given LINQPad session, I tend to end up with 20 or 30 (or more) tabs that and "Query 1" through "Query N" - these aren't saved to any place on disk.

Often I'll need to switch to a different tab (or make a new one) and then I'm stuck with trying to dig around to find the other one I'm looking for. "Ok, I'm trying to go back to the tab that was querying against the FooBarStatuses - which was that?"

Notepad++ solves this with "Find All in All Opened Documents" which allows searching across the editor tabs.

The only workaround (AFAICT) in current LINQPad is to save all queries to files under My queries, but even then doing a search after includes files that aren't currently open.

I realize getting to the right point within the editor when selecting the matching result may be difficult, but even just listing the tabs that match a given string/regex search would be a *huge* help for me. :)

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