Memory Leak in 5.28.0 Beta

I've been using the new beta with the new chart functionality, but I've noticed after a while LinqPad will accumulate a lot of RAM, in the past it's used 4GB, in this instance it's using just shy of 3GB, but I've made a dump and ran it through Jetbrains dotMemory and can see the following

(unfortunately I can't upload the image)
Largest Size
231.87 MB Task
185.49 MB WaitOrTimerCallback
185.36 MB Action
162.31 MB TaskExtensions+ <>c DisplayClass32_0
162.19 MB CancellationCallbackInfo

Largest Retained Size
1.29 GB 3,039,144x ThreadPoolWaitOrTimerCallback
20.09 MB 2x DataContextInfo
11.70 MB 7x ThrottledSyntaxEditor
8.37 MB SyntaxNodeCache+Entry[]
6.41 MB 14,060x PENamedTypeSymbol+PENamedTypeSymbolNonGeneric

I believe a lot of the memory not listed is unmanaged memory.
I've got 4 tabs open, 2 of which are charts, 2 which are database queries

Hope this is useful!


  • It's pretty hard to diagnose the problem from this info. Can you provide a series of steps that causes LINQPad's memory consumption to permanently increase?
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