Please add HTTPS to since passwords are sent in the clear

edited January 2018
I would have complained even without the major browsers finally starting to notify everyone that sending passwords over the network unencrypted is a bad idea:


Thankfully I never reuse passwords. The same can't be said for most people.

Please take care of this. There are free options. If you aren't familiar with the process, this is a good resource:


  • I see your point. Unfortunately, the forum is hosted, so SSL is not free. It requires a plan upgrade, at a cost of $599 per month.
  • Ouch!
  • [edit; apparently emoji terminates a comment]


    If they aren't willing to be competitive with the market, do you have an exit strategy?
  • Yes, there are alternatives. One option is to use GitHub's issue tracking system. The catch is that there's no migration path, so it would mean a reset with users and discussions.
  • GitHub would be quite a popular choice with me, but you'd understandably not look forward to resetting. Maybe ask the forum users here for alternatives?
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