LINQPad System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException when connection

When connecting to a SQL database LINQPad is trowing a System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException. The connection to the DB server is ok, other DBs on the server is not resulting in this error.


startIndex connot be larger then length of string. Parameter name: startIndex.

SQL Server 2008

Also: There isn`t any issues connecting with SSMS


  • I've found the error report and identified a possible cause which I can fix for the next update.

    It points to a very obscure scenario, though. Does your database schema contain non-BMP Unicode characters by any chance?
  • I tried out the beta 5.28.03 without any luck. I am not sure of the non-BMP Unicode question. I am not that familiar with the schema yet.
  • Maybe I got the wrong bug report. If you tell me your machine name, I can match it with the correct one.
  • PC34980
  • Thanks. I've uploaded another beta. Let me know if this fixes it.
  • Cheers. Works on 5.28.04. Thanks :)
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