Query ended unexpectedly.

That's all the information I get. How would I go about getting more details from LINQPad somehow?

I commented out all the code except a `printfn` and it still does that. I've traced it down to ... if I remove the nuget FSharp.Core reference the print only query works fine. That was added because previously it would give a MissingMethodException, which re-appears if I uncomment the rest of the code

It seems that there were 2 project dlls referenced. Neither of them referenced the Nuget package, but there was a disagreement on target platform. One was set to Any CPU and the other x86. Both are set to F# 4.0, .Net 4.5.2.

So figured out my problem, but I'd love it if LINQPad would give more details in the future.


  • Does the same thing happen if you try it on a different computer?

    The "query ended unexpectedly" message means that Windows has terminated the query process without an exception being thrown (e.g., due to a GPF).

    Also, could you try disabling process isolation in Edit | Preferences | Advanced to see if makes any difference ("Run each query in its own process" -> False).
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