LINQPad throwing NRE when using or trying to use NuGet packages in a network share.

I'm using LINQPad v5.26.01 (paid) without errors, I also have a Nuget package source pointing at a network share and this works fine.

A co-worker has just installed the same version of LINQPad and when he tried to setup the NuGet package source (as I already have) LINQPad shows a dialog box about NRE.

I submitted the exception several times about 30 minutes ago, so you should be able to see these in your log.

I am wondering if this error is connected with the fact that he has not (yet) obtained an activation key, we do see a prompt about being unable to search for packages that don't contain LINQPad samples if you aren't activated.

It may be true also that I already registered and activated before I created the NuGet package I am sharing, so I did not get the error he gets.


  • The bug report hasn't come through. What was the name of the machine that you submitted on? Can you submit again?
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