option to include headers when copying values from data grids

It'd be great if, when selecting rows in data grids and copying them to the clipboard, there could be an option to also include the headers.

e.g. new [] { new System.Drawing.Point(5, 6), new System.Drawing.Point(20, 19), new System.Drawing.Point() }


"Copy selection" currently puts this on the clipboard:
	False	20	19
True 0 0
and selecting the whole thing (i.e. from the top left header square) gives us:
	False	5	6
False 20 19
True 0 0
it'd be great to have an item in that context menu to "Copy selection with headers", to get:
	IsEmpty	X	Y
False 20 19
True 0 0
which would obviously also take into account which columns are actually included in the selection, so that:


would result in:
20 19
0 0
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