Connection SQL login fails for 2nd user using portable ConnectionsV2.xml

I am attempting to setup a portable deployment of LINQPad on a server that will be accessed by multiple users. I have a local version of ConnectionsV2.xml in the LINQPad.exe folder in which I defined a number of connections using SQL authentication and they connect fine. However, when a second user logs in to the server and opens LINQPad, the connections don't work and have the error 'Login failed for user [sqlusername]'. If the second user edits the connection properties and re-enters the SQL password the connection is valid, but then when I log back in the connections don't work for me.
Any ideas would be most welcome!


  • This is expected behavior: the password is encrypted with DPAPI, so it's valid for only one user at a time. (If it were otherwise, and other users could read it, the encryption would be essentially worthless.)

    The best solution in this case is to use Windows authentication instead of SQL authentication. If this isn't possible and you're happy with storing the SQL password in plain text, you can accomplish this by leaving the password blank in the connection properties, and clicking 'Advanced' and then typing the following into the "Additional connection string parameters":

  • Thanks for the quick response. That behaviour as you described makes sense and the alternative solution could be an acceptable compromise. Regards,
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