lprun - Error downloading 'Rx-Main'

I get the below error anytime I try to run lprun for any script.


"Downloading NuGet package Rx-Main and dependencies from https://api.nuget.org/v3/index.json
Error downloading 'Rx-Main' - Unable to find package 'Rx-Main'."

Verified that Nuget is in my path, verified that Rx-Main isn't in any as well.


  • Isn't in any of the NuGetReference that is
  • That package was obsolete many years ago, and is no longer listed.

    The new package id for Reactive Extensions is System.Reactive.
  • Found the issue. Rx-Main wasn't being referenced in any of the scripts I was running but it was referenced in "My Extensions".

    Thanks for the quick reponse, love LinqPad.
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