Group multiple dump outputs

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I really like the facility to mark dumped output with a description. It would be handy to be able to group multiple outputs by a single description. For example:

. My Grouping
. Dump 1
. ||table|| Dump 2
. etc

This would be similar to a TransactionScope or any normal disposable pattern.
using(var token = Util.StartGroup("Starting test case...")) {
    "Test Case".Dump(token);

DoSomethingElse(){ "Testing".Dump(); }

: Starting test case...
. Test Case
. Testing



  • edited March 21
    Oh another thing feature could be a function which does actions on disposal, like:

    var token = Util.StartGroup("Starting test case.", t => $"Test finished in ${t.Elapsed}".Dump())
  • You could write something like this in My Extensions:
  • That is exactly what I'm looking for! Thanks very much!

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