Azure Table Query doesn't show all properties

I recently added new properties to an Azure Table. i.e. Old table entries had EventId, EventValue. I added Platform and ContentId values to new rows.

When I run a Linq query in linqpad, it doesn't show the new values. I was able to verify that they are there using Visual Studio. Is there something being cached that is preventing the new data from showing up in the query?

Here's an example query i'm using.

from c in ContentConsumptionEventLog
where c.EventTimestamp > DateTime.Parse("04-25-2018 13:00")
select c


  • LINQPad does cache the schema, but it also detects when the schema has changed, and automatically refreshes. This check is done at startup, and also after executing any query when the language is set to SQL. Additionally, you can manually refresh by rick-clicking the connection and selecting Refresh.
  • edited April 2018
    For Azure Table Storage, none of the above seems to be happening.
    Just and FYI, i deleted the Users...AppData/LinqPad folder. When i restarted LinqPad and re-added my connection, it was able to return correct information from my query.

    Thanks -- Dan'l
  • This sounds like a bug in the Azure Table Storage driver. You could contact the authors:
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