Zombie Bug: Missing Method Exception

edited May 2018
System.IO.Compression.ZipFile.Open("doesn't matter missing method exception", System.IO.Compression.ZipArchiveMode.Read)

fails for file not found in C# (as expected)
in F# with the same references it gives a missing method exception, even though calling another method in the same dll works as shown in linked script below

extensive test linqpad script: http://share.linqpad.net/eufkg3.linq

using latest x86 beta 5.30.01


  • Thanks for the repro. This should be fixed in the new beta:
  • seems to continue in 5.30.02
  • When I run your test script in 5.30.02, the assembly name shown at the bottom is "System.IO.Compression, Version=". In previous versions of LINPQad, it was "System.IO.Compression, Version=". Is this the same for you?
  • edited May 2018
    let me grab an older version to see, but the current one in my test is showing
    System.IO.Compression, Version=
    oh wait, that was in my comment in the test script, yeah it used to say
  • well... perhaps I just needed a reboot for 5.30.02 to work, it is working now, checking it with the full script I needed it in.
  • test script works, full script works as long as I gac reference the dlls instead of using nuget. that's probably not a linqpad issue.
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