Nullable BIT fields in "Results to Grid"

When executing the following code in C# expressions mode, LINQPad correctly shows the null entry as a indeterminate checkbox:

new bool?[] { true, false, null }

when executing the following code in SQL mode (with LINQPad's default LINQ to SQL driver, connecting to the SQL Server provider), LINQPad shows the null entry as though it was false:
DECLARE @Checkbox TABLE (Boolean BIT NULL)

INSERT INTO @Checkbox VALUES (1), (0), (NULL)

FROM @Checkbox
this is with v5.28.04. Is there any chance this could be "fixed", please? :)



  • Thanks for the bug report. I'll try and get this into the next build.
  • Thanks Joe, I can confirm it now works in SQL mode correctly.
    I found one more place where it still shows as unchecked - in C# Expressions mode, using the same database connection, querying a table, clicking on a Foreign Key Hyperlinq to a different table and then on a Hyperlinq back to the original record:


    (in this case, my specific original query was Clients.Where(c => c.ClientID == 1722).Select(c => new { c.Gender, c.ClientCards })
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