Auto Displaying Values


sorry I am new to this. How would I be able to auto expand the values highlighted in yellow automatically please?



  • You need to select rich text output instead of data grids, and include the properties that you want expanded in the query:

    from c in Customers
    select new { c.Name, c.Orders, c.SalesPerson }
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    I did something like this, which gives an end of expression expected. Can you further assist me please?

    from c in SO_SalesOrder_Lines
    select new { c.BASE_Product }

    The table I want to query is named SO_SalesOrder_Lines and I want it to list all fields and expand the ones in yellow in the image attached above.

    when just using

    from c in SO_SalesOrder_Lines
    select new { c.BASE_Product }

    It returns data but i want it to also list the other fields (SO_SalesOrder_Lines.Take(100))
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    Yes, it works really great. Thanks for sharing your code
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