C# Statement shows no results but results contain 3 values; why?

Hello -

I am new to LINQPad and just purchased my upgraded license. I went to run the following statement and it returns no results.

EPDMReferenceToolLicenseManagements.Where(epdmrtlm => epdmrtlm.DataField_Company == "Trident");

I know there is data in there that equals that value so I updated the code to be:

var res = EPDMReferenceToolLicenseManagements.Where(epdmrtlm => epdmrtlm.DataField_Company == "Trident"); Console.Write(res.Count());

The result is a value of 3, which is correct. Why does the data not show after the first statement? What am I missing?


  • You need to add .Dump() to the end of your statement.

    Google for Linq and Deferred Execution if you want to know more.
  • @sgmoore That resolved the problem and I have started the research on your recommendation, thank you!!!
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