LINQPad NuGet packages - Circular dependency bug?

edited June 25
When trying to download certain NuGet packages, it appears LINQPad tries to use version 4 of the System.Reactive package when it should be using version 3.1.

The error reads "Error downloading WebLinq 1.0.0-alpha-20170321T1506(Prerelease) - Circular dependency detected 'System.Reactive 3.1.0 => System.Reactive.PlatformServices => System.Reactive 3.1.0"

I get a similar error when I try to download System.Reactive 3.1.0 for instance.

I tried clearing my NuGet cache in %LocalAppData%\LINQPad\NuGet.FW46 but unfortunately this didn't work. The only workaround found so far has been to copy someone else's WebLinq or System.Reactive NuGet cache into my machine.


  • I get the same error when I download WebLinq with NuGet.exe. Could there be something wrong with the package?
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