Why does double-clicking a .linq file open a different .exe from the one on my taskbar?


When I installed LinqPad, I pinned it to the taskbar, so I can press Win-6 to open it quickly. This opens C:\Program Files (x86)\LINQPad5\LINQPad.exe

However, if I double-click a .linq file, it opens C:\ProgramData\LINQPad\Updates50\526\LINQPad.exe

Both are version 5.31.00. Why do I have two different .exe files? More to the point, can I make it so that I will always get the same .exe, irrespective of how I open it. That way my keyboard shortcut will always work.



  • You might need to reset the file association in Windows. You can do this either via Windows Explorer, or by re-installing LINQPad and checking the option to associate .linq files with LINQPad.
  • Great, that did the trick.

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