Activation Key


I thinking of purchasing the premium version , but first I have a question.

I am a free lancer and simultaneously working in a few companies, if I purchase this license can I apply it to all of my "Linqpad-instance-in-each-company" including my home Linqpad ?


  • You can activate it on up to 3 machines at once for your own use. After that, you can transfer it from one machine to another up to 6 times a year. If you run out, please contact customer service. Note that transferring repeatedly between a finite set of machines won't keep incrementing the transfer count.
  • I was just before purchasing, I have noticed something
    "You'll receive free updates to LINQPad 5.x (for .NET Framework 4.6)"
    So my question is if a version of linqpad 6 will released, will I have to re-buy it?
  • You won't have to re-buy it as there will be an upgrade option. And if you purchase close to the release of a major version, the new version is free.
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