Running linqpad scripts 'in process'

Hi, is there a way to run linqpad scripts 'in process'? I have a few queries I would like to schedule to run every 5 mins or so but they make a number of HTTP requests that I would like to cache. Using lprun.exe means the cache is lost when the script terminates. So I was wondering if I can run my own long-running scheduler that can manage the cache of the linqpad queries and re-execute each on a schedule.

Is anything like this possible? If not I'll look at persisting the cache between runs.


  • You can add the .exe as a reference in your project and then use Util.Compile and Util.Run from your own application. I'm not 100% sure this will do what you want but it might get you closer.
  • I should note that when you use Util.Compile with a script that the result is the compiled scrip that you can call .Run on later.
  • Nice one, exactly what I was after. Thanks!
  • Does the Util.Compile take all the references if such were added as default?
    If not, is there a way to configure the script to compile with selected references?
  • Yes, it should compile the query just as if you were running it from LINQPad.
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