LINQPad NuGet Manager - Pre-release dependency

It seems LINQPad is not able to add a NuGet with a dependency from another NuGet in prerelease version.

When I try to do so there's a message box displaying
"Error Downloading 'SomeNuget' - Unable to resolve dependency 'SomeNuget in Pre-release'"
My version of LINQPad is v5.31.0

Visual Studio can handle this by using "Install-Package SomeNuget -pre"
Is it possible to consider adding this possibility when "Include Prerelease" is selected ?

Best regards from France,


  • Can you please try using the command-line version of NuGet to install that package, and let me know whether it gives an error.
  • Hello,

    I install that package via the command-line :
    > nuget.exe install SomeNuget
    Attempting to resolve dependencies for package 'SomeNuget.1.0.X.X' with DependencyBehavior 'Lowest'
    Unable to resolve dependencies 'OtherNuget.' is not compatible with 'SomeNuget.1.0.X.X constraint: OtherNuget (>='

    However I can install it with :
    > nuget.exe install SomeNuget -PreRelease
    Adding the option PreRelease allow me to install that package
  • You should be able to do the same in LINQPad. Tick the 'Include Prerelease' checkbox and choose the most recent prerelease version and it should install correctly.
  • Hi,

    I tried with latest beta 5.34.0. The 'Include Prerelease' is checked.
    I'm able to install a pre-release NuGet but the install of a Nuget wich depend of a prerelease NuGet still don't work.
  • Yes, so, LINQPad is behaving just like the NuGet command-line (nuget.exe), which makes sense because LINQPad uses nuget.exe to install NuGet packages.

    Note that you are not supposed to create NuGet release packages with pre-release dependencies. The fact that Visual Studio allows this could be considered a bug in Visual Studio.
  • edited December 2018
    I just noticed this is in the beta build. Thanks
  • Yes - I found a workaround, so this is now possible.
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