Huge time difference observed when linq execution in Linqpad and VisualStudio Output window

A sample linq query to execute in Linqpad takes 1.039 sec without Dump() statement. With Dump() execution, it takes 1.137 sec.
The same linq query when executed in the application and checked in Visual Studio output window, it takes only 0.256 sec.
Note: query is executed on 2 tables with 10 & 25 records respectively.

With the time difference is so high, the linqpad time is non-reliable. Please advice how I can get more reliable time in linqpad.


  • What sort of LINQ query is it? Is it a LINQ-to-objects query or are you using LINQ to SQL or Entity Framework?
  • I am using Entity Framework.
  • Are you using the same connection in LINQPad? IOW, from "Add connection", are you choosing the Entity Framework driver and pointing LINQPad to your data context assembly?
  • Hi

    Do you see the reason and solution for this issue ? If you need some more information from my end, let me know.
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