Util.Run - return an object from sub query?

Is there any way to return an object when using Util.Run?

I keep getting an error: Object of type 'System.Object[]' cannot be converted to type 'System.String[]
I've tried returning a dynamic, an object, and a string, but all fail with the same error.
My subQuery that is being called from another query with Util.Run has signature:
string Main(string[] args)


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    I've managed to return.

    First query saved to C:\PathToSubquery\Subquery.linq:

    string Main(string input)
    return input;
    Second query:

    void Main()
    var queryExecutor = Util.Run("C:\\PathToSubquery\\Subquery.linq",QueryResultFormat.Text, "INPUT");
    Dumps INPUT.
  • Returning to this, I still can't successfully return an object. My sub-query signature looks like this:
    async Task<SomeObject> Main()
    and returns an object (class is defined in My Extensions).

    My second query calls the sub-query like this:
    var qryRunner = Util.Run("MySubQuery.linq", QueryResultFormat.Text, null);
    SomeObject result = qryRunner.ReturnValue;

    The return value is always null.
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