LinqPad 5 failed to connect to localhost sql Windows Authentication. LinqPad 4 does not fail.

I've used LinqPad 4 for a while, without any problems. I have a connection to my local SQL server using Windows Authentication.
Now I just installed LinqPad 5, and after starting, the connection list of LP4 is shown, but the connection to my local sql server has an error in LP5: Error: Login failed for user '[domain]\[username]'.
Which is strange, other connections to sql servers (not on my local machine) do not fail using Windows Authentication.

Note that it works in LP4, but not in LP5.


  • Type the following query:



    new SqlConnection (this.Connection.ConnectionString).Open();

    Try it on both LP4 and LP5. Also try it in Visual Studio. That should help narrow the problem.
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