Sharing queries across machines with different LINQPad NuGet source list files.

When I load queries written on another machine referencing nuget packages on internal nuget servers, often they fail to load even though the relevant nuget source URI is listed.

Also, the "click to download" within the query properties dialog only seems to search
But, if I choose "add nuget", select the correct server and find the package, it works fine.

Also, if I preemptively de-select (uncheck) all other nuget sources in LINQPad nuget settings, including the official, then LINQPad will find the package upon opening the query.

Is there some due diligence we need to do in order for this to work more smoothly? With 10+ internal nuget servers, it's somewhat of a hassle.


  • When restoring packages, it checks just the first repository that've you've checked in the list (that's why you can re-order them). The other repositories are there just to supply dependencies that might be missing from the first repository.

    It sounds like I need to create a different kind of aggregate repository, where it repeats the search across multiple repositories if a package restoration fails on the primary repository.
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