Can I specify which external F# compiler should be used in LINQPad?

edited March 20
I have Visual Studio 2017(F# 4.5) and Visual Studio 2019(F# 4.6) installed, but seems that my F# compiler did not pick up the F# 4.6 features. Can I specify F# 4.6 instead of 4.5 in LINQPad?

Simple example(Should run in F# 4.6):
let data = {| X = 1; Y = 2 |}
But failed with:
) or end of expression expected (change the Query Language to 'C# Statements' for statement-based queries)


  • @JoeAlbahari Please take a look on this and try to upgrade to F# 4.6.
  • Do you know which folder the F# 4.6 compiler is installed to? I've looked in Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\F# and it doesn't appear to be there.
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