Unable to add any NuGet - fresh installation

edited April 23
I have been getting this error for a week or two now. I deleted my Linqpad installation, deleted both AppData/Local/Linqpad and AppData/Roaming/Linqpad folder, did a fresh installation without changing any preferences. Perhaps there is something that's messed up on my machine but not able to figure out what. I have reported the issue several time through the form shown on screenshot but no luck.

This error happens every time I add a NuGet to my new query or update on my existing queries. Please help me resolve this issue.

Edit: adding more information about the error


  • Having the same issue
  • @hiraldesai what version of visual studio do you have running?
  • Visual Studio 2019 v16.0.2 - uninstalled all the previous versions recently.
  • I just reinstalled VS 2017, and the problem went away, so it seems linqpad can't find the framework when VS2019 installs. I just installed the .net environment for 2017
  • Can you tell me which .Net Framework versions are installed by VS2017 that aren't installed by VS2019?
  • Never mind - I went to VS2019 installation and ticked all the frameworks (including 3.5) and it started working.
  • ah, makes sense. Thanks for that, will uninstall 2017 again.
  • From scanning the logs, I believe the issue is caused by a corrupt .NET PCL profile on your machine. Here is the solution:


    In any case, I've made a change to the next LINQPad release so that it should work even if the PCL profile is corrupt.
  • Aah - that's interesting. Somehow, re-installing on top of existing VS2019 fixed it for me.

    Thank you Joe & Shikr for your help!
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