Linqpad Start menu delay after boot

This is a tiny usability niggle that I couldn't see mentioned anywhere.

1. Reboot a Windows 10 system
2. Click the Linqpad shortcut in the start menu

The start menu instantly closes, and Linqpad launches shortly afterwards.

The start menu remains open, and Linqpad launches 2-3 seconds later.

What happens is that I assume I haven't clicked the shortcut (as the start menu is still open), so I click it again. I then end up with two copies of Linqpad running :)
This only happens on the first launch of Linqpad after booting, but happens separately for both Linqpad 4 and 5.

Workaround: Pin to taskbar.

This really doesn't matter, but it got me wondering about when exactly the start menu closes, so I thought I'd mention it!


  • Does it happen when you launch any other applications?

    I've seen something similar with some versions of McAfee A/V with all applications, not just LINQPad.
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