Query never completes

I had a DLL that targeted .Net Standard 2.0 with EF Core 2.2 and when I used the assembly in LinqPad everything was working fine. I just changed it over to target the netcoreapp30 framework and updated EF Core to use 3.0 Preview 7 and now when I run a query against it I get a progress bar at the bottom that says, "Query continuing asynchronously..." and it never stops - I have left it running as long as 30 minutes or so. My main use of this assembly in an ASP.NET Core 3.0 Preview 7 website works just fine returning all the different queries it always has. I couldn't find anyone with the same issue but tried this command even though the problem is not the same:


It returns a connection string that is correct.

Any thoughts greatly appreciated,


  • Two other pieces of information. One, the same thing happens if I try to do a .Take(100). And two, when I check the connection properties a "test" does succeed.

  • One other thing I have found is that if I use Debug and Step Into I get a "this" which I can expand and I then see the entities associated with this connection and if I expand any of them the data is there. So, it appears to just not be able to query properly. Strange...to me at least.
  • I am very sorry for the disjointed posts. One other thing someone will probably want to know is the version which is: 6.0.13
  • Try the new update - it should report an error message instead of not completing.
  • All good now, thank you Joe!
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