Newlines in Excel export


Consider the following data structure:
new[,] { { "aa", "bb\r\ncc" } }


Export to Excel:

Since the data table contains one row I'd expect two rows in Excel (one header row and one data row), as follows:

Expected output:

LINQPad 5.40.00
Excel for Office 365 MSO (16.0.11901.20070) 32 bit


  • In rich-text mode, LINQPad exports to Excel via HTML, so that constructs such as nested tables and multiple result sets can be exported. It looks like there's a bug here in how Excel treats the HTML.

    If you're exporting a simple table, the most reliable approach is to generate a CSV file with Util.ToCSV, or use the Data Grid mode and export from there. However, you'll first need to write a helper method to convert the 2d array into a standard IEnumerable.
  • I forgot about the grid mode.. which works better, thanks!
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