Hi there, just purchased a Premium...
I just can't get the autocomplete to fire at any point...
I'm connected to my sqlexpress 2008 in vb expression, the queries run perfect but no autocomplete. That was kind of the point of me getting a license actually. what am I doing wrong?


  • So I saw the autocomplete works with the C# queries.
    would anyone please update me on the status of that feature.
    Is this something already available through an update, will be available in the future, will never be available.
    Would certainly be grateful for any kind of answer.
    Thanks again.
  • VB support is likely to be added in the future, with the .NET Framework release (as it will rely on CaaS).

  • edited December 2014
    So VB support will rely on The Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services?

    lol, just kidding. But I did notice while looking at the features that this still isn't a feature for Pro or Premium editions, can you elaborate on reasons why?
  • The next major release of LINQPad which targets .NET Framework 4.6 will use the Roslyn libraries for autocompletion. This will improve the C# autocompletion as well as opening the possibility of VB autocompletion, although of course the latter will still have to be coded. The priority is undecided at this stage because other feature requests have overtaken this in popularity on UserVoice. Sorry I can't be more specific on this.
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