is there any way to show all the columns out?

I did some query in sql table, and show the table data in linqPad.
Because in table, it has 13 columns, but when show in the linqpad, it just show 4 columns out.
on the table heard it saids(13 items)

is there any way to show all the columns out in linqpad?


  • LINQPad should display all columns that you query. Is there anything special about those columns? Is your query in LINQ or SQL? What does it look like?
  • it is linq query . at your result panel. show the table in the grid, but only show 5 columns out , but on the grid header it show text(13 items). but no matter how I scroll or expend grid, just 5 columns there.

    you can see the last picture in this blog. the result 's grid header IOrderedQueryableCustomerRecord >(20 items)

    but in the grid ,there only 5 columns there.

    my issue is the same to this one.

    it is better for us can see all the columns
  • I'm sorry, I don't understand. In the blog post you mention, the CustomerRecord class is defined as follows:
      public class CustomerRecord
            public int CustomerID { get; set; }
            public string CustomerName { get; set; }
            public string CustomerEmail { get; set; }
            public string CustomerNotes { get; set; }
            public DateTime CustomerLastContact { get; set; }
    There are exactly 5 columns in the class, so 5 columns will be displayed. What were you expecting?
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