Missing Imported Reference

Hi everybody,
I am trying to do a simple conversion of a source Data file to stream via LINQPad and this error is displayed when i compile the code:'System.Array' does not contain a definition for 'ToPointStream' and no extension method 'ToPointStream' accepting a first argument of type 'System.Array' could be found (press F4 to add a using directive or assembly reference). Does anybody know which assmebly reference should i add and where can i find it? Thank you in advance.
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  • Is this related to a StreamInsight query?
  • i just used this var source = sourceData.ToPointStream(Application, ev =>
    PointEvent.CreateInsert(ev.TimeStamp.ToLocalTime(), ev),
    to convert my data to stream.I used this from a previous code that i was handling and now it is also not working due to missing of imports. Is my code infuenced by relation to streamInsight?
  • i found a solution to my problem. I just had to choose the connection to StreamInsight:Default Context. Thank you very much
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