Compile LINQPad query (under C# Program-mode) into a standalone dll

Just curious that is there any way to find or compile the query (C# statements / programs) into a standalone dll.

There are times where I would like to create a new class in LINQPad, and export it as a dll.

public class MyClass
private string _Name;
public string Name { get { return this._Name; } set { this._Name = value; } }

I wish to be able to export it as a dll on the fly.


  • edited April 2013
    This can't be done right now, but there's a fairly popular request for it on UserVoice.
  • Hi Joe
    This post was over 2 years ago and I was searching to see if this was possible and ran across this post. I've been searching and reviewing the latest release but not sure if this was added. Is it possible to compile into a standalone DLL with the latest release?
  • This feature has not yet been implemented. There are a lot of issues to solve in order to make this work.
  • Joe
    Thanks for the timely response. I'd also like to join many others and say how incredibly useful LINQPad is and I've only just become familiar with a fraction of what it's capable of. Thanks for all you do to make this such wonderful and quality software.
  • Hey Joe. Just wondering if you're still thinking about this request :)
    We'd be glad to help you out iron out some issues if that's the case, just say the word.

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