Spaces in Table/Column names

I'm trying to use the IQ driver to connect to a MySql database. Some of the tables and column names have spaces, and the SQL code generated by the driver is not delimiting them properly. Is that a limitation of the driver, or LINQ, or do I just not have things configured properly? I'm very new to Linqpad.


  • I'm fairly sure that's a limitation. I'll see whether it's easy to fix at this end.
  • Thanks.
  • I was wondering if there has been any progress on this? Thanks.
  • I know it's been nearly six years since this post, but this is what came up when I googled...

    Any chance of a fix or workaround for this? I've recently been working with a DB that's got spaces in tables/columns as well, and would love to be able to use LINQPad with it! (Besides manually writing the queries, of course :smile: )
  • You can try linq2db driver
  • Unfortunately, linq2db is even less usable. It throws null exceptions just when it starts to build the schema. :frowning:
  • I see. Will appreciate if you will fill issue with details here
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