Interaction between methods in the DynamicDataContextDriver

edited April 2012

I have a driver that is almost finished but I've hit a roadblock. The dynamc driver class has a method InitializeContext and another GetAssembliesToAdd.

Because I can determine the assemblies list when I create the context class I save the list of these inside InitializeContext but when GetAssembliesToAdd runs later that list is null.

Is this because a different AppDomain is running at this point?

Is there any way for GetAssembliesToAdd to access data saved in the driver context object?




  • I see there is another overrid for GetAssembliesToAdd - that takes an IConnectionInfo - this may be the way....

  • Bear in mind that GetAssembliesToAdd is called *before* InitializeContext. LINQPad needs to know what assemblies your driver requires for compiling the query, displaying the schema and for autocompletion.
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