Util.RawHtml and whitespaces

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Hi guys,
It seems that Util.RawHtml will add formatting to the output of the provided XML.
The problem here is, that I want to display syntax highlighted code, which is contained in a <pre>. [1]
Because of the formatting, the output looks rather weird (the pre-tag will retain the whitespaces that were introduced by the XML formatting)
I would suggest to add an optional parameter to RawHtml, to tell LinqPad to use:
Or simply always use SaveOptions.DisableFormatting for RawHtml.

btw, I am using the current Beta (4.42.01)

[1] If you found this thread searching for syntax highlighting in LinqPad, I am using ColorCode http://colorcode.codeplex.com/


  • Can you give an example?

    btw, are you aware that LINQPad has a built-in feature for displaying syntax-colored text?

    PanelManager.DisplaySyntaxColoredText ("var x = \"foo\"", SyntaxLanguageStyle.CSharp);

    SyntaxLanguageStyle can be one of the following:

    None, CSharp, VB, FSharp, SQL, ESQL, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, PowerShell, Python, XAML, XML
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    Hi Joe,
    You can run this query and should see some whitespace before the text:
    new{SomeProp=Util.RawHtml("<pre><span>Shouldn't have whitespace on the left</span></pre>")}
    Oh and I know about PanelManager.DisplaySyntaxColoredText, but it doesn't put the text in the ordinary HTML-based output, but into extra "tabs".
    Sometimes, I want to show some scripts in a table, and RawHtml is doing the job almost perfectly. :-)
  • OK: I'll get rid of the formatting in LINQPad's HTML output. I don't see why it's needed - it only adds bloat and people can use reformatting tools if they're interested in examining the source.
  • Cool, thx a lot! :-)
  • This is now in beta:
  • Thx Joe,
    One tiny little problem still remains:
    The overload of RawHtml, that takes a string does not preserve whitespaces.
    When you run the following query, you should see that there is no whitespace between "blue" and "red".
    Util.RawHtml(@<pre><span style='color:Blue;'>blue</span> <span style='color:Red;'>red</span></pre>)
    When I change it to use the overload that takes an XElement (parsing it with LoadOptions.PreserveWhitespace), the output is as expected:
    Util.RawHtml(XElement.Parse(@<pre><span style='color:Blue;'>blue</span> <span style='color:Red;'>red</span></pre>, LoadOptions.PreserveWhitespace))

    I simply changed it in my utility library to use the XElement-overload, so I do not need that fix.
    It isn't really obvious, though and the fix seems to be quite straight forward.

    Thx for your work on this awesome tool.


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