Hyperlinq to file path with spaces does not work

I stumbled across this during some testing. Any path with spaces does not get rendered as a link, it's converted to a uri string. It might make sense for urls but not so much for file paths.

Could this be fixed?

new[] { new Hyperlinq("http://www.example.com/path?q=query+without+spaces"), new Hyperlinq("http://www.example.com/path?q=query with spaces"), new Hyperlinq(@"c:\file.txt"), new Hyperlinq(@"c:\new folder\file.txt"), }.Dump();

http://www.example.com/path?q=query+without+spaces (clickable link) http://www.example.com/path?q=query with spaces (text) c:\file.txt (clickable link) file:///c:/new folder/file.txt (text)


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