Is it possible to use diferent Styles (Css) for diferent Queries

I know the feature : Edit-> preference-> Result -> Style -> custom. With this feature

td{text-align: right; } td:first-child{text-align: left; }
I can exactly do what I want , but unfortunately this makes no sense for all queries I use.
Is it possible to setup different Preference settings foe different Queries ? It would be alsow helpful for DateTime Format Maximum rows ..


  • The most recent beta lets you apply styles when calling Dump:

    Util.WithStyle (Customers.Take (100), "text-align: right").Dump();

    This won't achieve the selective styling you're after, however, unless you know some HTML tricks I don't.
  • edited December 2016
    you can set arbitrary css classes on the fly like this:

    Util.RawHtml("<style>.redText {color:red;background-color:black;padding:15px;font-weight:bold}</style>").Dump(); Util.RawHtml("<span class=\"redText\">Hello world</span>").Dump();

    The output will look like this
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