LPRun html output formatting changed.


I run queries through LPRun with the "-format=html" option to produce static html files that are published through an internal web site.
These html files visually resemble the LINQPad output window with the blue themed tables and such.

This morning these files, though they are strictly html, no longer resemble the LINQPad output window. The tables are not drawn with visible lines, they do not have the LINQPad "theme".

My best explanation is that LPRun mistakes "-format=html" for "-format=htmlfrag".

I made a simple query (C# Expression)

And ran it through LPRun.
lprun -format=html "C:\LINQPad Queries\tmp5.linq"
lprun -format=htmlfrag "C:\LINQPad Queries\tmp5.linq"

Those two seem to produce the same result.
Did something change in LPRun?


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