[Bug] Dialog boxes get stuck

I've had this happen in previous versions of linqpad.

I don't think I reported it, but it is happening a lot more recently.

It shows a dialog box (has happened on query properties, and the save/cancel. Where somehow it doesn't think the dialog is in front, so clicking things does nothing.
I can still type into the text of the current query, but can't save, or close.
ctrl-f4 to close the current query, results in yet another dialog box that won't let you click or even use the keyboard inside it.
I think it may have something to do with accidently hitting F4 and F5 at the same time.

screenshot is all I can do, since it doesn't crash or anything.



  • hopefully this at least gets a reply, unlike my previous bug report. =/
  • I've occasionally seen this happen (it occurs on my computer a few times a year), but have not been able to reproduce it on demand, or often enough to get the bottom of it. When I once managed to attach a debugger, it was suggestive of a bug in the Windows Forms stack, but there was nothing that suggested a workaround. If you get any further clues, let me know.
  • have you tried what I think is triggering it for me, hitting F4 and F5 almost at the same time? also, I don't seem to be getting notifications of replies in here, is there anything I can do about that?
  • oh it appears I did submit this issue before http://forum.linqpad.net/discussion/775/could-not-click-popup-window-to-submit-error#latest with no responses =( perhaps the other two were because I didn't title them as [BUG] ?
  • Yes, I've tried hitting F4 and F5 at the same time, maybe a hundred times, and have not been able to repro.
  • Sadly no further insight but just wanted to say that I also had this problem a couple times already
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