Union error


I am trying to the union between 2 different tables and it give me an error

using System; using System.Linq; using System.Collections.Generic; public class Program { public static void Main() { var parkingLots=new List { new parkingLot() {parkingLotID=1, addressParkingLot="bograshov 22",latitudeParkingLot=32.076994, longtitudeParkingLot=34.769416, maxSpaces=15, occupiedSpaces=7,freeSpaces=8,PricePerHour=60,PricePerMinute=1,statusParkingLot=true}, new parkingLot() {parkingLotID=2, addressParkingLot="bograshov 10",latitudeParkingLot=32.077428, longtitudeParkingLot=34.768551, maxSpaces=25, occupiedSpaces=5,freeSpaces=20,PricePerHour=30,PricePerMinute=0.5,statusParkingLot=false}, new parkingLot() {parkingLotID=3, addressParkingLot="bograshov 28",latitudeParkingLot=32.076806, longtitudeParkingLot=34.769922, maxSpaces=12, occupiedSpaces=10,freeSpaces=2,PricePerHour=36,PricePerMinute=0.6,statusParkingLot=true}, }; var publicParkings= new List { new publicParking {publicParkingID=101, addressPublicParking= "bograshov 23", latitude=32.077055, longtitude=34.769837,statusParking=true, PricePerHourpublicParking=30, PricePerMinutepublicParking=0.5, isOrdered=false}, new publicParking {publicParkingID=102, addressPublicParking= "bograshov 21", latitude=32.076962, longtitude=34.769584,statusParking=true, PricePerHourpublicParking=180, PricePerMinutepublicParking=3, isOrdered=false}, new publicParking {publicParkingID=103, addressPublicParking= "bograshov 18", latitude=32.077144, longtitude=34.76911, statusParking=false,PricePerHourpublicParking=6, PricePerMinutepublicParking=0.1, isOrdered=false}, }; /* var query = from p in parkingLots where p.statusParkingLot==false select p; query.ToList().ForEach(p => Console.WriteLine(p.addressParkingLot)); */ var query = (from lot in parkingLots where lot.statusParkingLot == false select lot).Union(from pub in publicParkings where pub.statusParking==true select pub); query.ToList().ForEach(lot => Console.WriteLine(lot .addressParkingLot)); query.ToList().ForEach(pub=> Console.WriteLine(pub.addressPublicParking)); } } public class publicParking { public int publicParkingID { get; set; } public string addressPublicParking { get; set; } public double latitude { get; set; } public double longtitude { get; set; } public bool statusParking { get; set; } public int PricePerHourpublicParking { get; set; } public double PricePerMinutepublicParking { get; set; } public bool isOrdered { get; set; } } public class parkingLot { public int parkingLotID { get; set; } public string addressParkingLot { get; set; } public double latitudeParkingLot { get; set; } public double longtitudeParkingLot { get; set; } public int maxSpaces { get; set; } public int occupiedSpaces { get; set; } public int freeSpaces { get; set; } public int PricePerHour { get; set; } public double PricePerMinute { get; set; } public bool statusParkingLot { get; set; } }

This is the error:


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