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Hello! I recently purchased LinqPad Premium - and I must say its awesome so far!

I know the focus of this product is querying via Linq, but I was wondering if there were any plans to add in auto complete for SQL as well? For those rare times when SQL must be used.

Thanks so much for this fantastic product! I hope to hear from you soon.



  • Thanks for your support. Unfortunately, there are no plans for SQL autocompletion at this stage.
  • Sounds good, the Linq to SQL / Entities Framework is more than enough - especially since its such a great C# scratchpad to boot! Thanks so much for your quick response - its much appreciated!
  • i agree with your first comment Great Product. Is a MUST HAVE! thanks JoeAlbahari for such a good product/tool (still learning it tho)
  • I just purchased the premium edition. While I am delighted with the LINQ features, I was disappointed to find it did not do autocompletion on SQL. In my current environment I do not have the option to completely avoid SQL. If LINQPad had autocomplete for SQL, I would probably never have to open SSMS again. But not having autocomplete is a major pain when one really has to write in SQL.

    Thanks for an overall execellent product.
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    I would have to say I agree with Mark, I have the premium edition and am disappointed that this option is not available, I would love to leave SSMS alone.

    Excellent product, keep up the good work.
  • I guess I did not read the information closely enough (or maybe it did not say) before paying since I expected autocompletion in all modes. I was expecting an SSMS replacement as well.
  • Devart (www.devart.com) provides autocomplete support for SSMS and for their own tools. Try to persuade them to create an add-in for LINQPad as well, as they did with their data connectors.
  • I too cannot avoid SQL completely and would love Autocompletion for SQL in LinqPad. It's been nearly 18 months since Joe commented that there were no plans for it. Has the situation changed or is it still not on the to-do list?
  • Here is one more handy tool for SQL Auto Complete
  • Man, SQL complete would be sooooo awesome! Got my vote.
  • The feature is not off the table, but it's on hold because there are no suitable libraries available (AFAIK). And the DevArt tool, I believe, costs twice as much as LINQPad for that feature alone.
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