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  • Hi Joe, I've run the script on the Windows 7 install and on the Windows 8.1 setup. 1. Windows 7: 2. Windows 8.1 (file based nuget repo): * Note: in the above screen shot you will notice the 2nd repo (the nuget org one) is enabled - that was …
  • PS. Found this stack trace in the LINQPad log folder: 5.26.01(AnyCPU) 2017-12-24T14:57:36.9068969+10:30 CheckForNuGetUpdates - FatalProtocolException: Unable to load the service index for source at LINQPad.T…
  • Seeing this same behaviour as well. I have a Windows 7 desktop which is working fine offline. In the LINQPad NuGet Manager I have the (default) repo in the 2nd position and disabled. For 1st position I have a local folder "C:\Code\_Local NuGet Rep…
  • You got your design funk on Joe !! Glad you did the tab borders and frames too. I would have asked about those next (small steps ). It is a thing of beauty.
  • @JohnC did you manage to reproduce that black on black problem ? I can't reproduce it. PS. I don't work for Joe/LINQPad. I'm just interested in this feature and want to help tweak it. On that note, I mocked up some minor adjustments (to the LINQPa…
  • @JoeAlbahari you lovely man, you.. Thanks for the dark panels. I just purchased my second copy of LINQPad (went with a full v5 license rather than upgrading my v4). PS. Does that Contact Me form on reach you ? I dropped a few questi…
  • @JoeAlbahari you are a legend This has inspired me to make a few more tweaks and fix a couple of things. Summaries Fixed the style to be inline with the rest of the theme. References and Collections Ref links show in the native blue with one …
  • Posting an updated version of the CSS. Moved the DumpContainer style overrides to the bottom so they are applied last. /* Dark Theme */ body { background: rgb(30,30,30); color: rgb(220,220,220); } table { border: 2px solid rgb(50,5…
  • @kingkeith Yes, agreed. That's an issue with the editor. The focus of my post is mainly around making the HTML results feel like a dark theme. Sadly, there's not much we can do for the editor. Hopefully if Joe can spare some CPU cycles, he can make…
  • You can edit the HTML output to your taste (which is pretty cool). Take a look here

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