Linqpad version 6

So when the new version will be up? Is there a list of the new features already available?


  • I was wondering, what will be the pricing model for existing LP5 licenses for the LP6 upgrade?
  • I was wondering, what will be the pricing model for existing LP5 licenses for the LP6 upgrade?

    Nevermind, i allready checked the Linqpad Upgrade Page.
  • Thanks Joe, that sounds nice. Happy coding. LinqPad is awesome and save me a lot of time.
  • @JoeAlbahari will there be any new support for sharing linqpad code between scripts? The "My Extensions" ends up being so big because of how much I share there, and publishing a nuget package for sharing is so heavyweight.

    If there isn't/can't be some kind of #include-ish thing, could it support partial classes for My Extensions? Even being able to break My Extensions up among multiple files would make it a lot easier and simpler to use it as a code sharing mechanism, but still have the same dll/pdb output as the single-file My Extensions does today.

    Just a thought. Certainly being able to #include or something like it specific scripts would be wonderful!

    Looking forward to LINQPad 6!
  • With LINQPad 6, right now I'm concentrating on feature parity.

    An #include option, or the ability to reference one query from another is unlikely to happen unless I can figure out at least how to resolve all the problem it will create from a users perspective. The ability to separate My Extensions into multiple files, however, is something that could work.
  • @jamesmanning note that you can separate My Extensions by running LINQPad in portable mode: https://www.linqpad.net/PortableDeployment.aspx

    I use this for several projects (each with own set of extensions) and it works fine. You can open the correct instance by dragging and dropping the LINQ file on the executable.
  • @nescafe I do this now, and it works, but some of those projects still have large (many lines of code) sets of shared code in their My Extensions that I'd like to split up among multiple files (POCO classes for tons of API calls, for example).

    If My Extensions just changed from being a single file to a folder (so more analogous to plugins) then I could split functionality up over multiple files more easily.

    In an ideal world I'd like to be able to hit F4 and 'add reference' to shared functionality that's sitting in a .linq file instead of a .dll, but some mechanism to split My Extensions up among multiple files works at least in terms of getting a bit better maintainability and avoiding a huge single file. :)
  • Thanks for continuing your work on Linqpad. I went out and paid for my upgrade today. Looking forward to .NET core support.
  • Will version 6 still support .Net Framework 4.x?
  • LINQPad 6 will be .NET Core only. It would massively bloat its complexity if it had to support both .NET Core and .NET Framework, given the significant runtime. However, you'll be a be able to run LINQPad 5 side-by-side to support .NET Framework, and there will still be updates to LINQPad 5 - in particular, for compatibility with the enhanced driver model, and some feature/performance improvements.
  • But sounds like no chance of Linq Reference (#load) working :(
  • A LINQPad 6 preview is now available:

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