Beta versions to go sooner into production

@JoeAlbahari, I think it would be great if beta versions went sooner into production, especially if they contain mostly or exclusively bugfixes. Currently, beta versions often wait too long to go into production.

Of course, I could download and use beta versions, but then my LINQPad would not be compatible with my colleagues', who would not use beta versions.

What do you think?


  • I'm planning more frequent release updates, at least to begin with, in LINQPad 6. There will probably be 2-3 in the next 6 months.

    There's a trade-off, because some users find frequent automatic updates annoying, and this can lead to people switching off automatic updates altogether.
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    I think that's a shame if some users find frequent updates annoying, which updates contain bugfixes. Nowadays, even Visual Studio gets updates weekly. So let's hope that these users will get used to the new trend. :smile: (BTW, I hope LINQPad 5 is going to get frequent updates as well. :wink:)
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