Drill down - via link in query output

I could swear I have read about a way to create a hyperlink in query output that when clicked will execute a second query. Am looking to create a drill down type of functionality.

My attempts to find in this forum some hints to method calls, etc. are not getting me any place. My ego with respect to my prowess in searching forums is taking a hit this morning.

Can anyone help me out?


  • Got it... Hyperlinq
  • Anyone know of a way to simply execute a dynamic query without the need to dump the query to the outputpanel via Hyperlinq ?
  • Are you talking about Foreign Keys? For example, using Nutshell.mdf dump Customers to a Data Grid(Ctrl-Shift-G). You'll see a clickable Purchases navigation property. When clicked, the appropriate query will be execute and the additional data displayed.

    If you actually want a hyperlink displayed try the following:

    Util.RawHtml("<a href=\"http://www.google.com\">Hellow!</a> ")
  • Not exactly. See link to example file for a demonstration.

    You will simply need to change the data connection to a database of your choosing, and then provide some table names. The purpose of the script is to try to identify stored procedures that contain all of the terms listed in the tables array variable. As you can see, the script first dumps a Hyperlinq to the outputpanel, which when clicked actually runs the dynamic query which has been constructed. I am looking for a way to skip this step of dumping to the hyperlinq to the outputpanel and requiring user click.... I want to dump the dynamic query result directly to the outputpanel.
  • Should have mentioned.... script is built to work with Linq to SQL connections, as it queries the information schema tables of SQL Server. My question is more about avoiding that initial pitstop to the outputpanel.
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