Problem reading appSettings

I placed some values in LINQPad.config file's appSettings sections like this:

In the code I was trying to do get the value but no value was returned:

var loadDate = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["LoadDate"];

What did I do wrong?


  • The html is not showing up there:
  • I tried your exact sample and ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["LoadDate"] returned 5/27/2013.

    I take it you've put the settings into linqpad.config (and not

    What does the following query return?

  • it returns
  • I know what's wrong. When I double click on the .linq file, it's not working. But if I open LINQPad first then drag the .linq file into LINQPad, it will work.
  • Perhaps you have .linq files associated in Windows with a copy of LINQPad.exe that resides in a different folder.
  • Yes that's right I have a different version on my desktop where I used to run my .linq files. When I removed that old LINQPad.exe and tried to associate the .linq again with the exe that resides in the same folder in my desktop, I found I can't associate it. Is it because LINQPad.exe is a portable program? Is there a better way to associate my .linq files with LINQPad.exe where it's not directly on my desktop? Since now I have more files need to be put in the same folder.( all the config files, lprun.exe)
  • I found I can do it. I just pin where my LINQPad.exe to the taskbar. Then I can associate .linq file from properties' association.

  • @JoeAlbahari I have a similar problem but the `AppDomain.CurrentDomain.SetupInformation.ConfigurationFile` returns C:\Users\myUser\AppData\Local\Temp\LINQPad5\_orthtqce\nzlyzh\LINQPadQuery.dll.custom.config
    My LinqPad is installed in C:\Program Files\LINQPad5

    I wonder why the config would to somewhere else other than C:\Program Files\LINQPad5\LINQPad.config?

  • That's a merged config file. LINQPad needed to apply binding redirects to your query, so it read the normal config file, added the binding redirects, and wrote the merged file to a temp location.

    Try creating a new query with no references and default properties. Then AppDomain.CurrentDomain.SetupInformation.ConfigurationFile should return C:\Program Files\LINQPad5\LINQPad.config
  • I tried "... creating a new query with no references and default properties.", and my AppDomain.CurrentDomain.SetupInformation.ConfigurationFile.Dump();

    I also then added a reference to System.Configuration, and I get the same result.

    As per the FAQ, I'm trying to "create a file called linqpad.config in the same folder as LINQPad.exe. Anything you put here applies to all queries (unless you override it in the dialog above). " to have a merged set of settings, but I can't get it to work.

    I set up a new LinqPad exe folder - i.e XCOPY deployed. Running from there, ConfigurationFile.Dump() shows


    I still don't get a merged AppSettings.

    What should the root node of Linqpad.config be? I've tried just

    and also

  • Maybe I'm a bit confused by the FAQ's "unless you override it" and Joe's comment above "That's a merged config file...". Do the settings get "merged" from both sources?
  • Do you have a file called "LINQPad.config" in the folder where LINQPad.exe resides? If so, then AppDomain.CurrentDomain.SetupInformation.ConfigurationFile will return that file. Otherwise, it will return the empty.config file.

    You can also specify a config per query by going to query properties F4 and going to the app.config tab.

    The "LINQPadQuery.dll.custom.config" is indeed a merged config. It should contain everything that's in the LINQPad.config file (or whatever you've specified in query properties) plus binding redirects necessary for you query to function.

  • RE: "Do you have a file called "LINQPad.config" in the folder where LINQPad.exe resides? "
    If the F4 App.config tab is set to "Global default ...", then yes, AppDomain.CurrentDomain.SetupInformation.ConfigurationFile does return that. (If set to "Custom path" then it returns that path)
    But if the tab is set to "Let me type it in", then a temporary path is returned - e.g

    When I was asking about "merged", it's whether or not multiple appSetting sections (from multiple config files) are merged.

  • The only time merging that occurs is when LINQPad has to add binding redirects to your query.
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