Missing Method Exceptions

I have several queries that give me a missing method exception in LinqPad 5, but not in LinqPad4.
I've just discovered it's not restricted to F#.
In many cases, I tried adding a manual reference to FSharp.Core.dll, but that didn't help

examples (just the ones I've managed to re-find since finding them working in VS or giving up) :
http://share.linqpad.net/dfo2pe.linq (still works in linqpad 4)
http://share.linqpad.net/r92xt3.linq (still works in linqpad 4)
http://share.linqpad.net/eqc296.linq (still works in linqpad 4) - https://github.com/kerams/Templatus/issues/18

// this one needs the templatus package downloaded (which linqpad says doesn't contain any .net packages, then deletes the download, so I have to manually download it outside of nuget)

looks like the last one works in linqpad 4 regardless of C# or F#, but missingmethod exception in linqpad5


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